Friday, December 20, 2013

Photography is the connection between the past and the present.......

There are so many cool moments captured by cameras every single day. If you only think about the number of the images you have seen in your whole life you get to understand that there are too many pictures out there and it is super tough to count them all, it can be said that is impossible. Also, there are legendary photographs that are old but are capable of keeping the fire of the portrayed moments. Like the extra famous photographs of Marilyn Monroe, taken by some New York fashion photographer, in the city of the skyscrapers. These kinds of pictures keep surprising us even today. 

The fashion photography requests maximum authenticity besides beautiful curves and colors. When a photograph looks authentic and it is beautiful with its real characteristics, it makes us look at it over and over again. That is the great thing about photography. The realness of events, people and places is captured by the camera. Moreover the realness of today is transformed into an everlasting one, ready to be admired any time in the future. 

Photography emphasizes life in a way, no other art does. It shows life in the way it is, being a connection between us and our past moments. Photography is consequently used as a tool for us to share our lives today with other people or with the future us. There is no better way to show yourself, than taking a picture of you. That is the modern world. People walk around the city, the woods, parks and jungles and keep photographing everything they find beautiful or just worth to be captured. 

How many times have you caught yourself taking too many pictures of your shoes, your food or your pet? How many times have you seen girls in the clubs walk around the photographers because they want to be photographed?

The answer is, too many times, because that is what we do today. Average people and photographers all around the world are taking pictures of everything they find interesting. Generally speaking, photography is an art and if we go deeper in trying to understand it not only on the surface, we get to know that photography is one powerful connection between us and our past. It is a process of today, which gives results that can be seen tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

Photography is the best way to capture an emotion, an essence of life and of course cherish it till the photo lasts....

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