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The LINER Tutorial - How to apply Gel liner perfectly??

This is one of the most requested tutorials I have ever received. Everyone wants to know the perfect way to line their eyes and everyone has their tricks. I have my own too. This is what I have trained my hands to do and this is what I have practiced for the last 4 yrs to improve.

Cat eye liners or Feliners as MAC named them a while ago, are the most incredible and one of the easiest ways to adorn the eyes, make them look mesmerizing and add a sensual touch to the makeup. Indians have been using kohls since the longest time I have ever known and history raves about Cleopatra and Liz Taylor. Whoever it is, they have looked simply amazing.

Apply a set of false lashes makes it all look so dramatic and surreal and you are the talk of the town. So lets see how to apply one of the most quintessential parts of an amazing makeup - the liner..................

Prep the skin with Guerlain Meteorites Base Lumiere Primer and then apply Guerlain Tenue De Perfection in 04.

Conceal the under eyes with Clinique All About Eyes Concealer 05 and set it with YSL Poudre Compacte Radiance in 04.

Apply LORAC Behind the Scenes primer on the entire lid to let the eyeshadows secure in place and stay put.

Apply MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork on the entire lid and blend it upto the crease.

If you are unsure of how to place the liner on your lash lines, do what I do. Draw dots placed widely at certain points on the lid and then join them. I have used a Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof eye pencil for the same.

These dots give you the direction to perfectly draw a thin line which can be thickened as needed as per needed and not vice versa.

With the same waterproof pencil, which is easy to manouvre, join the outermost dot from the lower lash line. This perfects the direction of the eyeliner. 

Now begins the real fun. With a thinnest eye liner brush you may own or with a liquid liner that has a thin or a felt tip pointy brush, apply Maybelline Eye Studio Gel liner from outermost dot to the dot on the 2/3 rd of the eye lid.

Then from the inner corners to the 2/3rd of the outer lid, draw a line that is thinner in the inner parts and thickens and tapers as it is drawn further.

Re-trace the line with the gel liner and then fill the lacunae within the eye liner shape to create smoothness.

This is the first layer of the eye liner. You can sometimes see a bit of translucency and the skin showing up through it. In ordinary lights, this is the reason of seeing an ultra dark black liner as grey.

Apply another layer of the Maybelline Gel liner to create opacity. This may reflect a bit grey in the camera but in reality looks extremely dark.

From the LORAC PRO palette, apply the 'Mauve' color in the crease to add subtle definition. Highlight subtly with the 'Nude' eyeshadow on the brow bone and in the inner corners.

Apply 'Black' from the LORAC PRO palette on the outer most corner and blend very very slightly in the crease.

Define the crease with a slightest touch of 'Espresso' from the LORAC PRO palette. This is one of the most amazing contouring colors ever but its important to exercise control.

Curl the lashes with MAC eye lash curler and apply 2-3 coats of YSL Faux Cils mascara in Noir Radical to get the most amazing lashes.

This is such a beautiful and simplistic eye makeup look ever. To compliment the simplicity I'd recommend a beige-peach OR rosy peach colors on the face like Chanel Joues Contraste Blushes in Orchid Rose or Rose Petale. Go soft on the lips with YSL Glossy Stain no.29 which has the perfect rosy color on the lips. You can darken and go into 'berry' tones for darker complexions. Its all about the glow. Add some with Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color in Peony on the highlights of the face.

Hope you liked the eye liner tutorial. Does it make it easy?? Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. fabulous neeraj :) :) perfectionnnnnn

  2. Perfecto doctor!! Très Magnigique!

  3. This s d best tutorial i have ever seen. Trying this trick today :D

  4. Nice.. Will try n let u knw if i cn do it..

  5. This dot technique is super cool..I'm going to try it next time ..Thanks for the awesome tut doc :)

    1. I believe this is an easy technique and it really means joining the dots...thanks a lot..

  6. Awesome and really nice tutorial :) thank you neeraj for sharing this post with us :) wow , bookmarking it right now coz everytime i attempt to do a cat or winged liner i end up creating mess...this time i think i will able to create it :D thank you once again !

    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words Sammanita. Do try it out and let me know.

  7. Wow...simply amazing...great work dear..:-)....loved it..<3

  8. Awesome tut doc...loved it. thanks for sharing

  9. you made it look so simple. Will try this technique for sure.

    1. Thanks a lot. U shud try it out. It works for me all the time.


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