Friday, January 24, 2014

Blog Sale!!

I am finally announcing a small blog sale with some MAC pigments on the go. I must thank all my amazing FB friends to support and buy these pigments as I knew they wouldn't get exhausted in a life time. A sweet friend of mine said that I should pass them on to the next generation..LOL..

So here are the pigments and the rules of the blog sale.....

I am so excited and thrilled to be able to purchase the limited edition Archie's girls collection pigments as they were quite interesting and quirky and out of stock at most of the MAC stores. While the others are from the permanent line and the PRO stores.

They are as follows -
  1. Lucky in Love - Light Blue Green (frost)
  2. Reflects Teal - Whitish teal glitter duochrome
  3. Deep Blue Green - Blackened blue teal green duochrome
  4. Cheers my Dear - Light Lavender (frost)
  5. Vanilla - Frosted golden white duochrome - amazing as a highlighter anywhere and everywhere.
  6. Black Poodle - Blackened Pink 
  7. Tan - Muted Pinky Brown Bronze (frost)
  8. Blue Brown - Brown with blue green pearl (frost)
  9. Magic Spells - Blackened Teal (frost)
  10. Golden Olive - High frosted olive green gold
Rules of blog sale
  • The sale is on first cum first serve basis. All you need to do is send me an email on stating the nature of order, your complete postal address and your contact number. The email that comes first will be considered as the first order while others follow the rest. Please note that I have already got bookings for certain pigments and I am waiting for the bank transfers after which I shall courier the products.
  • The pigments are sold only in India on a valid Indian postal address. They will be sent by a regional courier service that I am well acquainted with. Please give the courier agency 2-7 days for delivery since there are certain hard to reach addresses.
  • The pigments will be sold in a small jar with approximately 3 scoops of a Kryolan spatula for measurement. Since the pigments settle in the jar in different ways, they are sent according to this measurement only. For reflects and glitters I wouldn't mind being a bit generous. 
  • Please remember that I am not an official MAC authority to sell these pigments. I am doing them on a personal level just as a gesture of random kindness as the pigments would never get exhausted if I bought one and no one would want to invest 1350 INR on a MAC jar that would lie in their makeup drawers for the longest possible. 
  • The rates are as follows. Regular and PRO pigments are sold at 350 INR per jar. Limited editions and PRO glitters are sold at 400 INR per jar. Do not forget to add 100 INR for postage and handling (LOL).
Do let your friends know and pass the word. Kindly remember that this is not a professional business of mine (I am a pro makeup artist and that's all) and the pigments available are only in limited quantities and for my personal usage. You can also send me a wish list of any pigments that you need and I shall try my best to procure them. I buy my pigments from an authentic MAC store and only deal with the highest quality with no dupes from sites like Ebay and all. Its the trust that matters and nothing else.

Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you. Do reserve your pigments in the 'comments' section and do not forget to mail me your order on Kindly abide by the rules.

Till then, 


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  1. Hi! I would like to get that Vanilla one!

  2. I want golden olivee plzzz,mailing you now, !Reserve it for me! I sooo wanted this!

    1. and also blue brown, I have mailed you too! Thanks.

    2. Lovely. So golden olive and blue brown it is.

  3. Sir, is this still open? I am interested in a few pigments.


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