Friday, January 3, 2014

My new resolution for 2014

I have done some new year resolutions to follow and break, even for this year...LOL...I think its not bad to make resolutions as this at least gives you a direction to think and head where you want to...

So here are a few of mine.........................

  • To join a gym. I have to begin doing that someday.
  • Look for a bride - at least start the process...LOL...any entrants can email me for that. hahaha
  • Getting a lot of new clients and expanding my wings and trying to fly abroad.
  • To get some amazing products from my favorite Department and Drugstore Brands.
  • To write my blog as regularly as I can and try to get a good ranking and of course a good support. In simple words, make the blog flourish.
  • Get myself a Google Chromebook. It may not be very user friendly, but it doesn't look bad with all those apps.
  • Shop for some clothes and change my style.  I look too geeky and nonchalant about how I look. Some MUAs are smartasses as looking amazing but do sh***y work and I feel I am the vice versa. Although a bit of style will make me more confident.
  • Repair the house and make it look better.
  • Pay homage to my forefathers - LOL...its not a resolution but its something I should be consciously doing...
  • Do a few editorial work. I love it but I don't love the 'free'-dom associated with it.....
And make more few resolutions and hauls as the time comes.....

What resolutions are you guys making this year???

Till then,


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  1. Great resolutions to live by.... esp. the "write blog regularly" one as i always look forward to your posts!! sadly my resolution are on a different tangent all together. Its to keep track of my finances, be more organised and eat healthy, hope i can stick to them.

    1. We shud try to stick to the resolutions. I made the blogging one and now I'm I'll lol.


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