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As you all know, recently I have been obsessed by MAC pigments. Not only that I am using them on my brides but also selling them to the ones who need them in smaller jars. Before I show the pictures of the pigments, let me also share a note sourced from MAC website to answer most of your questions.

And here are the pigments. Please pardon the clarity of the pictures as I have taken them from my Blackberry Q10.

The Archie Girl's collection
  1. Lucky in Love - Shimmering Light Blue Green (Frost)
  2. Cheers my Dear - Light Lavender (Frost)
  3. Black Poodle - Blackened Pink (Frost)
  4. Magic Spells - Blackened Teal (Frost)
Since these are limited editions, I shall be selling them for 400 INR a jar.

  1. Reflects Bronze - Sparkling Rich Gold
  2. Tan - Muted Pinky Brown Bronze (Frost)
  3. Chocolate Brown - Shimmery rusty brown
  4. Golden Olive - High Frosted Green Gold (Frost)

  1. Vanilla - Soft Ivory White (Frost)
  2. Naked - Flesh beige with pearl (Matte)
  3. Platinum - Smooth High Shine Platinum (Metal)
  4. Old Gold - High Frosted Tarnished Gold (Frost)

  1. Violet - Vivid Bright Violet Purple
  2. Black Black - Deep Dark Black (Matte)
  3. Blue Brown - Brown with Blue-Green Pearl
  4. Pink Pearl - Shimmery Lavender Pink

  1. Reflects Teal - Sparkling white with Turquoise duochrome
  2. Deep Blue Green - Rich Deep Bluish Green (Pearl)
I am selling a small jar of each of these for 350 INR. In case anyone is interested, please email me on
The stocks are subject to availability and I shall reply to all the emails as soon as I know what I have. I am taking orders on first cum first serve basis and do not mind if your order gets rejected. I shall try to update as much as I can but not cross boundaries to get some rare pigment which I know may not work.

Please understand that these pigments are for my professional usage and I am only rendering help to anyone who needs them but does not want to buy the whole jar. Hope this is clearly understood. Thanks a million to all those who have already bought them. I do have some jars of Universal Mix and Circa plum and that shall end up the story.

Thanks a lot. Do let me know in the comments if anyone needs anything.

Till then,


Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions. I am not affiliated to any brand and promote their sales. These pigments are bought by me and I am selling them on an individual basis.


  1. I love the shades in Vanilla, Platinum and Old Gold. But when you say you're selling them in 'small jars', what do you mean??

    1. Thanks. I'm selling them in smaller jars so that one can pay less and get a small amount of pigment which can be used for a very long time. This means u don't have to pay for an entire jar which costs a lot of money, but pay lesser for lesser amount of product and use it.

  2. Hi neeraj did you get my mail?

    1. No I didn't. Is your name 'Manya' on the email as well. Please resend again.

  3. my name is Tapaswini on email.made neft transfer, did u receive the amount for 3 pigments? naked, blue brown n golden olive


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