Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review : MAC Lip Mix - Crimson

This is the most amazing and one of the best lip products I have ever seen and used till date. Its the perfect color one would want on their lips for their D-day. I have used this product on almost all the brides I did this season including the bridesmaids and their relatives and everyone simply raved about the longevity of this product and how good it made their lips look. Of course, calling it the touch of the PRO!!

So lets have a look..............


On the lines of OCC and Sleek cosmetics, MAC have smartly put the Lip Mixes in a tube. This does a minimum discomfort in getting the product out and you have a control on literally how much is coming out of the tube. Thats a smart decision for a brilliant formula like this. Lip mix comes in a basic black box (to prove that it looks PRO than any stupid dainty packaging) with all the contents one must know. The tube is a good quality (which may not burst) see through one and allows one to see how much product is left.


Crimson has this dense, richly pigmented formula which glides onto lips and dries and sets nicely. It is very long wearing and works extremely well on Indian skins and climates. The pigment is opaque and covers the lip imperfections completely although I would advice a lip liner underneath for someone who has two toned lips. A lip primer underneath would be much preferable than a lip balm as they would cling on to each other in a better manner and not move (which is a possibility with lip balms). I strongly advice a good lip prepping and treatment prior to the application of this lip mix as it is drying on the lips and can be a recipe for disaster since it clings on to the dry flakes on the lips. 


Crimson Lip mix is a dark blackened red color. It looks amazing almost like the towel on which I took the picture. The densely opaque pigments spreads well on the lips. I believe this is one color that everyone must have as it facilitates better application of the red lipsticks one has and also is going to make any red lipstick wearable when put over it. This also is amazing enough to create a subtle ombre lip which my brides love. I have used Crimson with Ruby Woo and the results are phenomenal.


Lip Mix Crimson sells for 950 INR in all MAC PRO Stores in the country and I picked up mine from the JUHU MAC store along with some amazing products that I shall review on timely basis. 

Hope you liked this quick review. Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. what a fab review Neeraj :D my firstttt and fav mac lip mix D:D:


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