Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review : MAC Powder Blush in Hot Nights

This is one MAC Powder blush that I picked up from their much spoken about TEMPERATURE RISING collection. It vanished from the shelves so fast and this was the only unsung hero blush left behind. Maybe it was the color that scared everyone or whatever, but I had a chance to grab this and really like it.

Lately I have been buying a lot of MAC stuff and its now the time that I should include some MAC reviews on my blog to give justice to this professional makeup brand (mind you...not luxury) on a professional makeup artist's blog like mine.

So lets have a closer look at this blush..............


Sticking to the theme of Temperature Rising, the powder blush is packed in a beautiful reddened matte bronze colored case as well as the cardboard packaging. The top is clear for the blush color to be seen through. As usual MAC does not provide with any mirror or a brush, but who cares for these little things companies give.


Hot Nights is a shimmery powder blush with a beautiful satiny sheen. It is very bold in coloring, handsomely pigmented but a bit dry to apply which is due to the presence of fillers and which is why it can go a bit patchy on wet skin (wet foundation that hasn't been set with a loose powder). The color is very intense which means it needs some maneuvering and there are scopes of making blunders if not used rightly. Albeit all the flaws, this is a very good purchase and I think it is fabulous for PRO makeup artists to have. 


Hot night is a Mid Tone Berry blush with a Frost Finish. Although the frost translates to a beautiful sheen on the cheeks which can help keep the highlighters at bay if needed. It is a very difficult color to put on since the chances of making errors can be a bit more but a stippling brush or a duo fiber brush would apply the blush beautifully. This is a boon to people with darker skin tones as it would add a beautiful natural flush to the skin. Lighter and Medium skin tones would need to apply this blush with caution.


Hot nights is available in all MAC stores across the country although it was a limited edition. If you are lucky and interested, you may grab this blush from the MAC stores for 1600 INR.

Hope you liked this quick review. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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