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Beauty Traveller Diaries - Customer Service of MAC Cosmetics

Now I shall be rating the customer service of one of the most visited brands - MAC aka Makeup Art Cosmetics. MAC is known for their high level of professional makeup products that have been tried and tested at fashion shows, major events and of course 'US' - general public. MAC has a powerful hold in the film industry as well and many actresses swear by the brand even if there is no one to swear by them. MAC is known for their professional behavior and they have the most trained makeup artists I can ever imagine. An ex- MAC employee gets a direct access and pass to the editorial magazines, films and almost everywhere and though it has its disadvantages a MAC Artist always shines amongst the rest.

Since their stores are super busy at even the most mundane days and timings like afternoon, it is very important to know how they treat the customer. I have been buying MAC products for ages and I have known and seen them for the longest time ever. Right from the days when Sonic Sarwate, the Senior Artist of MAC India was a makeup artist at the Juhu store once. There have been pros and cons of their services but nonetheless I got my work done, bought my products and went off. 

As we talk about the customer service levels of MAC, on humanitarian grounds, with a pandemonium of a store you may not expect miracles but at a professional level, one deserves and expects to be helped. Please note that this is the customer service rating of MAC Palladium store and I am specifying them only. On this note I'd love to review the customer services at MAC with the hope that you shall share your opinions too....

Customer Service of MAC

  • Ridiculous - means do not enter the store or do not go near the counter - 0 points
  • Bad - means be yourself and walk with dignity without bothering what the BC or SA has to say - 1 point
  • Poor - means try teaching the staff something that you might be better at - 2 points
  • Average - means they are really nice but need a lot of improvement - 3 points
  • Good - means they have met your expectations and you'll visit them again and again - 4 points
  • Excellent - means the best service and cooperation ever, you could walk in with your friend - 5 points
  • Smile and Greeting
  • Product Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Communication and Language (English and not local)
  • Attitude and Approach
  • Generosity (In giving samples)
  • Grooming and Appeal
  • Environment in the store 
  • Latest product updates
  • Customer updates and after service

Highest ranking is 50 points where are the lowest is 0

MAC Customer Service

Location - Palladium Mall, Mumbai

Date - 5th Feb 2014

Rating - 
  • Smile and Greeting - Poor - No one MAC smiles immediately. Its sometimes that one does not even get spotted by any of the makeup artists there (thanks to the security guard who has seen you but is helpless as he doesn't have any knowledge about the products). They do vaguely smile. Since I'd visited during the most busy hours I may not have expected a smile but there's no restrictions in smiling. 2 points
  • Product Awareness - Excellent - I was amused to know how the MUA knew each and every product, where it was and whether it was in stock or not. Bless their memories or the working environment and all the grilling they go through. The MUAs are very helpful in helping you find the right products amidst all the chaos but being a PRO I have not really bothered about this. I go to MAC as a child in a candy store and pick whatever I like or whatever attracts me at that moment. 5 Points
  • Knowledge - Excellent - Every MUA in Palladium seemed to know it all. They knew the products in and out. The textures, the color descriptions, the explanation of pros and cons of products - PERFECT!! There was no one who excused by calling themselves 'newbies'. 5 Points
  • Communication and Language (English and not local) - Good - I am happy that MAC does take in some effort to hire affluent staff and thence the background of every MUA is somewhat interesting and of course the communication is good. At least they can connect to what one wants in the store instead of being entirely clueless. 4 Points
  • Attitude and Approach - Average - There is a certain level of coldness and the MUA look almost robotic but that's because of peer pressure that they have to go through due to the high level of customer entry. This does not compensate with their services though. 3 Points
  • Generosity (In giving samples) - Poor - I am not rating them 'bad' because I have always received some pigment samples to try before buying. Do you complain about 30 pigments in my stash now? They are usually out of the MAC dramming jars but the MUAs do take an effort to give you a foundation sample to try before you buy and make up your mind. That is very important and this makes a customer happy. MAC does not believe in GWPs unlike their mother brand Estee Lauder so 'Poor' rating. At least they maintain this rating in their stores world wide. 2 Points
  • Grooming and Appeal - Average - MAC dresses their MUAs black. Black in everything (except mind and conscience, hopefully). Some MUAs do look chic by accessorizing while others look like they have simply come for their job. Nothing stylish. Mundane black. Even Crows and Ravens have a certain style and panache. When it comes to makeup, I hate the way the foundations appear on their faces. A pack of fuller's earth on most of them. The eyes are immaculately done and so are the lips (ombre lip trend with dark and whimsical colors is what recognizes MAC). 3 Points
  • Environment in the store - Good - The bustling environment with a lot of clients reminds me of Moroccan markets (not that I have visited one) especially in Marrakesh. I love the crowd of the enthusiasts in the store hunting for that perfect shade of lipstick, many observers of a makeup session. Its fun!! 4 Points 
  • Latest product updates - Average - They got the 'average' rating at no fault of theirs. The MUAs know about the product launches but they have no idea of the launch date and they would never call you even if you gave your contact number for innumerable times. 3 Points
  • Customer updates and after service - Ridiculous - You will never get a call from MAC unless you've an appointment. They have never called me for product updates, limited edition collection launches and whenever asked they tell me subscribe to their frivolous online subscription service. No marks on this. 0 points.
A special shout out to Tanvi, a MAC MUA who has really helped me and been really patient to my questions amidst the crowd. 
The total score is 31

So what do you think of MAC Customer Service in Palladium Mall? They have certain excellent areas and certain going crazy. Their rating is like themselves, every quirky and eccentric. Hope I have pushed some boundaries too. 

Do let me know your opinions in the comments section.

Till then,


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  1. MAC MUAs really know about their products....

  2. 'Even Crows and Ravens have a certain style and panache'- Oh, Blimey! but TRue hahahaha Neeraj! am really enjoying your ratings thoroughly. I really love the frankness. I am so sure that the brands are going to be watching this segment on your blog very closely :)

    1. haha...thanks. I hope they do and I'll be happy if they improve. I know they wont. I hope I have added some frantic humor to entertain all of us at their expense though. Pardon the grammatical mistakes though.

  3. I have never visited Palladium Mall but MAC store here in Pune is really bad, they never give samples, are always out of sample jars, most of the times the staff keeps changing and unfortunately I always get new ones who don't even know the prices of the regular line products forget the LE collection! I did not know MAC gives out pigment samples also..do they still give? I like MAC Pro Store..always had good experience with them

    1. Oh I am so sorry that it happened. They don't give pigment samples. I used to request them. They don't give any more and have never given. I hope you will get lucky with MAC at least someday.

    2. I feel MAC really needs to improve on their customer service across all cities and not just Mumbai..they do have excellent customer service in other countries..I wonder why so much biased...especially when people are buying more and more MAC these days...plus they have increased their charges way too much..its pure extortion! lol

    3. I feel they dont hire the right people. And they are not dedicated to their jobs. Those who are, are very very nice.

    4. Hahah I would not call their customer services excellent (from experiences based in U.K stores). In fact Mac is a counter I actively avoid because their customer services is so appalling! There are other counters that I feel better spending my money at. The Mac staff are rude They tend to "ignore" customers. I have stood there for about 10 minutes once just trying to catch someones attention to ask for a product. Sorry Mac, other brands make equally brilliant as you do, who treats me better as a customer. Last time I purchased a Mac product has been almost 2 years, and I never plan on returning there ever again.


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