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Beauty Traveller Diaries - Estee Lauder Customer Service

Although Estee Lauder is a very very nice brand with very hospitable Beauty Advisors et al, its their frivolous stock which plays the dirty game thence they cannot be blamed completely. I love their products and I am quite happy with the little stash that I own. Their customer services have always been professional and appealing and I have had some good experiences to share. 

I'd still share my ratings at the current moment. So lets rate this luxury brand...............

Customer Service of Estee Lauder

  • Ridiculous - means do not enter the store or do not go near the counter - 0 points
  • Bad - means be yourself and walk with dignity without bothering what the BC or SA has to say - 1 point
  • Poor - means try teaching the staff something that you might be better at - 2 points
  • Average - means they are really nice but need a lot of improvement - 3 points
  • Good - means they have met your expectations and you'll visit them again and again - 4 points
  • Excellent - means the best service and cooperation ever, you could walk in with your friend - 5 points
  • Smile and Greeting
  • Product Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Communication and Language (English and not local)
  • Attitude and Approach
  • Generosity (In giving samples)
  • Grooming and Appeal
  • Environment in the store 
  • Latest product updates
  • Customer updates and after service

Highest ranking is 50 points where are the lowest is 0

Estee Lauder Customer Service

Location - Palladium Mall, Mumbai

Date - 5th Feb 2014

Rating -
  • Smile and Greeting - Good - Irrespective of whether I enter or not I am always greeted with a smile. The BAs are cheerful and happy to talk to. 4 Points
  • Product Awareness - Poor - Most of the BAs were unsure of what they have in stock and what they don't. This makes them despicable as we like something and fall in love with it immediately and then the BA searches for those atrocious 15 mins and then makes a puppy face. 2 Points.
  • Knowledge - Average - I must say that the BAs need to get their product knowledge polished and shining. You cannot say 'Its nice' to everything that is asked for. This description is not officially written on the packaging as well. 3 Points
  • Communication and Language (English and not local) - Average - I do not see any fluency and lucidity in the widely spoken English language at their counters in some of the BAs which is why I have rated them average. Some of them rely on absurd grammatical sentences to convey their message which can be a bit irritating. Nonetheless they are able to generate sales  because the product does the talking they haven't done. 3 Points
  • Attitude and Approach - Poor - I can see an excitement and enthusiasm in the store which vanishes the moment you do not buy a product. Unfortunately you can see the disdainful smile that they try to hide the most but it's obvious. 2 Points
  • Generosity (In giving samples) - Good - Estee Lauder is very generous in giving samples irrespective of purchase of their product (maybe with a smirk). 4 Points
  • Grooming and Appeal - Average - I love their dress code but I do not love the way they do their makeups. Its not blended well, not color coordinated and most of the times a bit too loud for the aesthetic of the brand. I wonder who trains the BAs on makeup or whether its done instinctively. If latter, then they need to polish their instincts. However they earn their brownie points in their dress codes. 3 Points
  • Environment in the store - Good - The store is very appealing and the luxurious sofa makes all of it. They are adequately lit and the soft glow is very enthralling and enticing. 4 Points
  • Latest product updates - Poor - Its not the fault of the store. Its the fault of the brand. Mostly the BAs are unaware about the products that are launching and the expression on their face when such a question is asked, is worth clicking. They get genuinely surprised. And then one of the super BA turns up to reveal that this 'said' product is launching on a specified date and then the look on the other sub-BAs is even more expressive. Generally these expressions are related with the 'newness' of the person in the brand. 2 Points
  • Customer updates and after service - Ridiculous - They wouldn't bother!! (That sums it all). 0 Points

The total score is 27

Do rate them as well? Lets see what you score them as. Do let me know in the comments. I would love to get your honest feedback as they would be some precautionary measures one would keep in mind before shopping.

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  1. even i hate the way the SAs smile when we say we dont want to buy anything..

  2. I have usually had a really good experience with the SAs at Estee in Palladium. But I agree, the makeup usually is a bit loud.

    1. They're very hospitable. Just that they confuse you.


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