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Beauty Traveller Diaries - Lancome's Customer Service

To tell you the truth, Lancome was not by favorite brand until recently. I had issues that I cannot mention on a public site and I shall tell if some one requests (and gifts me a Lancome product...LOL). But now their products have really amazed and amused me and I am back with purchasing some really iconic Lancome products.

Lancome, the French Luxury known for their makeup, skin care and fragrances launched in India with a big bang but they have been cursed with the worst management ever (their PR is a certified idiot) and now I can see something really nice happening with their staff at the grassroot level. (Management still remains a nincompoop). So lets have a look at how their customer service rating in the store was.

Customer Service of Lancome


  • Ridiculous - means do not enter the store or do not go near the counter - 0 points
  • Bad - means be yourself and walk with dignity without bothering what the BC or SA has to say - 1 point
  • Poor - means try teaching the staff something that you might be better at - 2 points
  • Average - means they are really nice but need a lot of improvement - 3 points
  • Good - means they have met your expectations and you'll visit them again and again - 4 points
  • Excellent - means the best service and cooperation ever, you could walk in with your friend - 5 points
  • Smile and Greeting
  • Product Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Communication and Language (English and not local)
  • Attitude and Approach
  • Generosity (In giving samples)
  • Grooming and Appeal
  • Environment in the store 
  • Latest product updates
  • Customer updates and after service

Highest ranking is 50 points where are the lowest is 0

Lancome Customer Service

Location - Palladium Mall, Mumbai

Date - 5th Feb 2014

  • Smile and Greeting - Average - Lancome staff is always busy with something (I have never understood or been able to gauge) and they happen to notice you only when you enter the shop. 3 Points
  • Product Awareness - Average - Some of the SAs have the gift of Dumbness but I can't blame the rest of them for that thence the rating. They know the products very well, know the shades by numbers and promptly tell you what is in stock and what is not. 3 Points
  • Knowledge - Excellent - I am so pleasantly surprised with the profound knowledge each of the BAs have. They know it all, recommend perfect skin care, consult and suggest the most complimenting makeup and do very very good makeup demonstrations. 5 Points
  • Communication and Language (English and not local) - Good - They BAs and MUA at Lancome speak very well and lucidly. 4 Points
  • Attitude and Approach - Good - There is warmth and niceness in the store which is very inviting. They do not frown or shoo you off if you do not buy any products. 4 Points
  • Generosity (In giving samples) - Excellent - I have always got a sample to try before buying and the major proof is their Dreamtone Serum. 5 Points
  • Grooming and Appeal - Good - I love the way Lancome dresses their BAs and MUA. They look utterly professional. I just hate their 'makeup looks' and there's a dictator who dictates them which I hate. Lancome is a well known beauty brand with lots of amazing colors. Why not experiment? Plus I believe you tend to sell what you tend to wear in the retail line. Its true with lipsticks and eyeshadows the most though. 4 Points
  • Environment in the store - Average - Its all nice. Nothing more to say. I just do not like the disorientation and lack of coordination with other staff. Nothing to do with a customer though. 3 Points
  • Latest product updates - Good - They know it all on what's coming. I am so happy that they know whats 'not' coming as well. 4 Points
  • Customer updates and after service - Ridiculous - No one ever called to find out how I am doing with my makeup products. Its a gesture and there is a learning process in both. You may end up generating a sale if you recommend some products on the phone. At least with me. 0 Points
The total score is 35

Thats quite a nice rating. They do have their downs but overall its a very inviting service. Lets see what your experiences were. Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. haha i would love to hear what was the incident..but nice rating they have got!

  2. am soo loving this feature, most pple visiting palladium mall wud be benifitted! :) i wish other bloggers start such feature too

    1. i really hope they do that. Thanks a lot. i am sure someone is getting the benefit.

  3. 'Some of the SAs have the gift of Dumbness' lol! And yes please do tell us about the incident. :)

  4. Great information. Thanks for providing us such a useful information. Keep up the good work and continue providing us more quality information from time to time. Customer Service


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