Saturday, February 1, 2014

Look What I Got!!!

Who is not aware of the famous Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman aka Pixiwoo (half)? They are some of the best affordable brushes in the market and the range is huge and simply marvelous. Lets not call it as the newest addition, but that some of Sam's brushes were so popular that she came out of a Sam's Picks Exclusive set for a limited period of time (otherwise no one would buy her other brushes which are equally fabulous). I got mine from and unfortunately they have a huge demand thence stock issues and you need to check back and back again to see whether they are in stock or not.

Although I own almost all the makeup brushes (except the new ones added to the line up) I couldn't resist having another set of these fabulous Sam's picks. These brushes are quintessential and are all that you need to have to sort out your entire face makeup...

Lets have a look.....

Sam's picks contain six brushes (one of which is a crease brush exclusive to the set) -
  1. Multi task brush - My favorite brush to apply all kinds of products. It applies foundations, powders, cream blushes, liquid blushes and of course powder blushes with such an ease. Find my review HERE. Multi task brush can also be purchased HERE.
  2. Setting Brush - This brush gives the most amazing highlighting effects ever and that's not where its use is limited to. Find my review HERE. Setting Brush can also be purchased HERE.
  3. Buffing Brush - This brush makes foundations and other products look completely seamless and gives a wonderful glow. It all about blending and this brush knows its job well. Find my review HERE. Buffing brush can also be purchased HERE.
  4. Pointed Foundation Brush - I thought I'd not use this brush and I was wrong. The foundation brush does it all to load and pack the products. Find my review HERE. Pointed foundation brush can also be purchase HERE.
  5. Fine Liner Brush - One of the best liner brushes I have used. Is there anything more to say..LOL..Find my review HERE. This brush can also be purchased HERE.
  6. Essential Crease Brush - this is exclusive to this set. I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that this brush will someday get launched and that too in a kit and that's what happened. Although the deluxe crease brush is nice, Sam's collection needed a finer dome shaped brush and that's what happened when Essential crease brush got launched. Do not expect it to be dense. Its not supposed to be that. I like the idea of applying 3-4 layers of eyeshadows and blend them in the crease instead of a swipe and just cut crease. Its a fabulous brush and I shall review it soon.
Hope you liked this amazing brush set. Please find them on If you are ordering for the first time then feel free to add this coupon code  KWT687 to avail discounts on your first purchase. DHL couriers get them to India and charge an exorbitant duty and customs charges so beware before you order.

Do let me know in the comments.....

Till then,


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  1. Amazing arent they?? M so glad i havethem too..thank u for ordering it for me..

  2.'ve made me long for these all over again. Would you mind putting a number to the "exorbitant duty and custom charges". I do not like nasty surprises and am really looking forward to ordering these. Would like an idea about the damages beforehand. :)

    1. Oh lol. The charges for a 60$ package was 8$ shipping and Indian custom charges of 1500 approx. That's ridiculous. I saw the DHL receipt and they have added 900 + worth handling charges. They r thieves.

  3. OMG!!! That's amazingly high. Why oh why do I not have indulgent frnds/family staying abroad, who would visit ever so often, and get me all that my greedy lil heart desires. :)

    1. Neither do I. My relatives are horrendous devils. Lol


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