Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Guerlains - Unsorted

This is an ode to all the Guerlain products I own. Not all have made into the reviews yet and I am trying my best to get them reviewed asap but the line up is large and the back log is mind boggling. So here's a small post on what all I may own from Guerlain. This will be like a reminder post for me to know what has to be reviewed. Btw there are many more additions to this already inflating Guerlain collection and I shall update that some day. Also I plan to take out some more time to compile all the products together and lets when all that happens.

Lets have a looksie.........

This is a list of all what I remember owning. There may be more that I may not be aware of. Lets see. This happens to be a great memory test too.


  • Parure Aqua Foundation - 23, 02 and 32
  • Parure Extreme Foundation - 04,24
  • Tenue De Perfection Foundation - 04
  • Les Violettes Loose Powder - 04
  • Meteorites Press Powder - Nacre Des Mers
  • Four Seasons Bronzer - 02 Brunettes
  • Terracotta Light Bronzer - 02 Sun Brunettes
  • Terracotta Illuminating Sun Bronzing Powder
  • Terra Ora Highlighting and Sculpting Powder
  • Terra Inca
  • Blush 4 Eclat Sculpting Blush in Soleil Couchant
  • Blush 4 Eclat Sculpting Blush in Nuit D'ete
  • Blush 4 Eclat Sculpting Blush in Rose Plein Vent
  • Rose Aux Joues in Pink Punk
  • Meteorites Pressed Powder in Cruel Gardenia
  • Parure De Nuit Highlighter and Blush

Perles Du Dragon

  • Powder Brush
  • Blush Brush


  • Ombre Eclat Mono eyeshadow in L'Instant D'Un Baiser
  • Ombre Eclat Mono eyeshadow in L'Instant D'Un Soupir
  • Le 2 Couleurs in Two Extravagant
Eye gloss - cream water resistant eyeshadows - Ombre Fusion Eyeshadow
  • Bahia
  • Maya
  • Velours D'Or
  • Rose De Boise
  • Bronze Dore
  • Les Ombre De Nuit
  • Les Fauves
  • Coup De Foudre
  • Les Ombres De Turandot
  • Terre Indigo
Eye liners
  • Khol Me Kajal in Noir Volcanique
  • Retractable Liner pencil in Black Jack
  • Le 2 De Guerlain Lacque
  • Noir G
  • Cils D'Enfer
LE Palette for Eyes and Lips - Liu Palette


  • Kiss Kiss Lipstick - Pink Boop
  • Kiss Kiss Strass Lipstick - Rouge Imperiale
  • Rouge Automatique - Flirt D'Un Jour
  • Rouge G De Guerlain - Geisha, Gala, Gwen, Gaby, Galia, Bridget, Grenade
  • Terracotta Lipglosses - Salsa, Tango, Mambo
  • Kiss Kiss Lipgloss - Champagne Pearl, Crystal Pearl, Opal Pearl, Sunset Rose, Abricot Gourmand, Pink Pearl
  • Gloss D'Enfer - Gold Tchlak, Rouge Shebam, Praline blop, La Petite De Robe Noire
That's all. It doesn't look like a big collection though. I hope to add more products to it soon.

Hope you liked the list. Do let me know what is your wish list from the house of Guerlain. Hope your wishes may get fulfilled.

Till then,


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  1. is that alll.. :O :O .. u hav such a envious colletiion..
    i have its meteroite highlightr, bronzeer, foundi n Rouge lippy on my wish list... <3 <3

    1. Lovelllyy. U should go ahead and buy your first Guerlain and then see how addictive it is. It's better to spend on brands as you've the luxurious feel of using it.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha. U inspire me back. We have an inspiration race actually.

  3. Id love to see the individual pics of all the products you listed, its hard to tell from the pile of make up for now :(

    1. Lol...ive done a lot of guerlain posts previously. do have a look.

  4. This is like your own Guerlain mini store, not just a collection!!! Awesome!

    1. No re. There's a lot more to be added to it. It does not satisfy me yet. Haha

  5. I dont have even one product from Guerlain. Boo... hoo... What should I start with?? Hmm.. Decisions Decisions.


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