Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine's Day Haul!!

I was my own Valentine today....And had a blast. Its fun and its good to love yourself. That way you don't have to bother breakups and after effects. I had a blast at Chanel where I tried their foundations and powders and enlightened myself. I also have done a nice small film on the new Clarins store that has opened in Palladium (which is beautiful and has that French touch) and I am going to put it all soon. I was also able to bag a beautiful Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Impulsion which is no longer available. I wanted it so badly and thus got it...

So lets see what's there and what's not there in the picture............

  • MAC 128 Magnetic Nude Split Fibre Cheek Brush (2) - 2250 each
  • Chanel Brush no.19 - Large Tapered Blending Brush - 1750 INR
  • Chanel Eyeshadow Stylo - Black Stream - 1900 INR
  • MAC Pigment in Aurora - 1350 INR
  • Chanel Blush Creme De Chanel in Inotation - 2300 INR (For Prerna)
  • Chanel Eye pencil in Clair - 1350 INR (For Prerna)
  • Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Impulsion - 1950 INR
  • Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Lip Gloss in Diamond and Latte - 1350 INR each
And Prerna gifted me the most amazing and most talked after Lancome Dreamtone Serum in 02 Medium which retails for 6900 INR. Yippeeee.

Chanel staff was very very kind to give me a lovely Chanel pouch as a gift with purchase on Valentine's Day. I am so happy. Thanks a lot to Mridula, Komal, Dipti and of course Rachna of the Chanel store for the happiness that you gave me today. I felt so Chanel-ised....

How did you celebrate your Valentine's Day? Let me know in the comments!!!

Till then,


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  1. mine was such a boring one!! :/ My guy is traveling today and it's raining here since yesterday night. I plan to compensate for all this soon. weekend shopping!! :D :D

    The brushes look really good.

    1. Oh oh!! no worries.. there is still a lot of love in the air. I am going to review the brushes and all soon. Not finding adequate time though.

  2. wwooww.. valentine with makeup.. its a day well spent...
    u bought lovely stuff.. the brushes look fab..
    I need smone to sponsr my Makup cravingss... :-P

    1. ya its a very well spent day. I lost a good friend though and I am so happy I did. The brushes are fab and I sold one to my friend since none were available. The Chanel one is gorgeous too. I also need a sponsor btw!!!

  3. wow..neeraj..i'm specially looking at those sexy brushes ! fabulous haul ! :)

    1. the brushes are amazing and actually affordable compared to what were sold last time.thanks a ton

  4. Loving Chanel! Got both chamade and intonation. And rouge blusher! Tried Clair as suggested by you. Quite liked it. Ordered the mac chromographic pencil so waiting to see if I need Clair! Love the haul!

    1. ya the blushes are nice. some lady reserved them and I couldn't buy the last ones but its ok. they will let me know when it comes in stock. Clair is amazing. which chromographic did u order? thanks a ton

  5. I have been wanting to try Chanel cream time I hit Mumbai I am definitely checking them out..I completely forgot on this trip

    1. Oh oh. U shud have got it. Hope they have it stock now. It's beautiful though but it was not in stock when I went too. U asked for Guerlain meteorites also na?? Let me see if anyone has that.


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