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Removing Liquid Makeup Stains from Clothes!!!

Removing Liquid Make-up Stains From Your Clothes

If the application of make-up is a fine art, so too must be removing it when it accidentally spills onto your prized outfits. As every beauty-conscious person knows, a spatter of waterproof liquid mascara or a smudge of lipstick not only ruins your clothes – it can also ruin your whole day. This article is here to help you deal with these worst-case scenarios, providing advice for removing different kinds of liquid make-up stains from your clothes.

Dealing with Lip Gloss, Liquid Foundation, and Tinted Lotion Stains

Whenever any of your make-up products spill onto your clothes there are a couple of general strategies to try.

1.       Remove the excess liquid from the fabric surface as soon as possible. Leave it too long, and the stain will start to set into your clothes. Carefully scrape off as much of the spill as you can with a flat edged card (for example, a credit card), trying not to smear the make-up in the process.
2.       Dab to clean the stain. You don’t even need to own specialist stain removing cleaning products: a shampoo or even a good quality laundry detergent will also be great at removing these liquid make-up stains. Wet your fabric and dab the stain with your chosen stain remover.
3.       If the stain does not come off completely with the first attempt, then press a damp cloth or tissue pad soaked in the stain remover of your choice onto the make-up mark.
4.       After dabbing the stain with the concentrated stain remover, add your dirty item of clothing to the laundry; put it in the washing machine for a full cycle.

Hopefully, when your beloved clothing comes out of the washing machine the stain will have vanished, and the garment will look as good as new. If there is still a trace of the liquid make-up, repeat the dabbing and wash cycle.

Dealing With Waterproof Mascara Stains

Unlike water-based liquid make-up products, waterproof mascara is designed to be tough to remove with water alone. Instead, attack a black waterproof mascara stain with a small amount of olive, coconut or castor oil. These oils are all great at breaking down the mascara to get it off your clothes. 

As with the other types of make-up, your strategy is to first dab at the stain with your oil of choice, then launder to get off the rest of the residue.

So there you have it: removing a significant make-up stain from your clothes shouldn’t be too challenging a task, and it doesn’t have to require a lot of specialist cleaning products. Why not try it yourself?

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  1. Wow...always wanted help in this department. Thank un

    1. too. I've a stain on mac lip mix fuchsia on my jeans. Got it by mistakenly smearing my palm. Now I know what to do.

  2. Great tips! Thanks for posting this :)

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