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Do-It-Yourself Spring Makeup 2014

Every year Fashion Makeup Maestros and makeup brands predict the seasonal trends. Even Pantone makes the 'Color of the Year' which is Radiant Orchid and has already been used (and abused) by a lot of people till date. Pro Makeup Brands like MAC talk about futuristic trends that can be adapted in daily lives (imagine 'Androgyny') and amazing people like Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Pecheux, Lisa Eldridge, Lucia Pieroni, Diane Kendal etc. making some of the most incredible models for some amazing designers in the latest of the Spring collections.

In all this pell mell and too much of fashion exposure, a common day to day woman (and some men who do makeup for livelihood) suffer. On the makeup counters, SAs are compelled to promote such looks without any understanding and conscience (a strong word to say). What do 'WE' learn out of this? Nothing...SO its important to incorporate these trends and makeup ourselves feel happy thence the term DIY. Whatever is written in this article is a for a common wo(man) who wants to prep her makeup wardrobe and update herself to look the best for Spring and Summer of 2104. These are the trends which she makes for herself. Please remember no one would hang you for not applying a certain lipstick. Its about how 'comfortable' you are.

Here are a few Spring-Summer Makeup tips which I feel would look good one most of them. I have no problem if anyone wants to follow specific trends...its their makeup intentions are to help someone if they need it. Lets have a look......


Spring makeup screams bright colors that can be worn subtly. Afraid of stark, in-your-face red lipstick?? You can opt for a watermelon or a strawberry red glossy lipstick. A red lip liner all over the lip with a clear gloss does the trick. A red lip tint like Benetint is perfect!!! Pair it up with soft milk chocolate brown eyes and lots of mascara on the top lashes. For a Spring time flush during the day or evenings, corals happen to be the most flattering colors for Indian skin tones. If not comfortable with a bright coral, mute it down over a bronzer. Rather its better to go for a shimmery bronzer as a blush and then dust some coral blush over it so that everything blends in.

Bright colors look  lovely  when applied with subtlety. It looks lovely when one feature of the face is highlighted and everything else is muted to blend in. Thence a strawberry red lip goes very well with a minimal smokey eye and some mascara and a punk - rock n roll smokey eye with splashes of glitter thrown in looks nice with a flesh toned mouth. Its all about looking good and feeling good!!


Certain trends are never out of trend. And one of them is metallics. Wearing metallic colors may be risky but its fun to carry them under the glowing sun of the summer (with a good sun care). I love golds and bronzes on the eyes paired with earthy tones on the face. The highlight of the look are 'EYES'. To do this look, add a dash of bronze eyeshadow on the entire lid (Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze). To create 3 D effect, apply soft bright gold pigment on the centre of the lids and in the inner corner with a damp brush to create intensity. For a day time version, just a little dusting is good and can be amplified in the evenings. I love MAC pigments in Blonde's Gold and Melon. Define the creases with a deeper chocolate brown to maintain balance. Apply lashings of black/brown mascara instead of a stark black to make it all look pretty. Add some matte bronzer and a matte soft bronze lipstick to maintain the monochrome. And voila!!! You look amazing.

Bronzes and golds appeal a lot to our tan and terracotta complexions, although they are universal. If a metallic eye scares you, apply a thin line of gold eye liner over a dark brown liner. It reflects light beautifully and look incredibly modern.


'Lilac' is a beautiful pastel of choice, in case Orchids scare you. I prefer it for fairer skin tones like the model in the picture though. A matte Lilac on the eye, soft sorbet peach on the cheeks and a peachy glossy pout is a winner for Spring. Charlotte Tilbury showed how to do PASTEL eyes and they look so trendy yet wearable. Click HERE to have a look. Skip the liner if you can.


Some one like 'Adele' would never part with her signature liner. You shouldn't too!! Wear it over a completely nude face to look modern and glamorous or pair with a strong color on the lips in matte or semi matte textures and you are ready to rock the Spring. To create  playful eye for Spring, apply a very thin line of a glitter liner on the upper and lower lash line over the black (preferable multi colored glitter liner) and this classic look metamorphoses into a beautiful spring trend.

I did this look for a client and she really loved the modern take on it. 


I love Colored eye liners and they look nice on a clean canvas. Pair with a super shiny berry pink if its a blue or a green OR go coral or orange to brighten up your smile. It all looks good when paired properly although there is no such rule. Keep the rest of the complexion glowing. It need not be overtly bronzed. Just a soft wash of bronze-gold-champagne glow is what it takes.


Healthy glow can be mimicked by applying products that make you glow. This does not mean producing an oil factory on the face. Certain ways to get this effect is by applying a soft shimmery product like Dior's Glow Maximizer on the areas of the face that catch light, where as the rest of the face is semi matte. I love Chanel's cream blushes and am always amazed when I see them transform into a powder blush when they touch the skin. My favorite is Chanel's Chamade which is out of stock everywhere. Its perfect for the springy flush. 

Spring is all about looking pretty and glowing. And yes! even if we don't experience the classic spring in INDIA, we can still sport these looks for a feel good effect and look pretty in the scorching summers.

  • CC cream or a light weight BB cream
  • Long lasting hydrating concealer
  • Foundation Stick
  • Cream to powder blush
  • Sheer matte bronzer
  • Translucent powder
  • Essential Face and Eye Brushes
  • Oil free primer
  • Sheer gel highlighter
  • Eye gloss/ Eye tint
  • Cream to powder eyeshadow
  • Colored Liner
  • Black brown mascara
  • Lip jellies and lip tints
  • Lip glosses
  • Glossy lipsticks and glossy stains
What is your DIY Spring Summer look? Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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    1. Thank u so much..I am glad u liked it!

  2. such detailed post neeraj..loved your SBMT going to that blog to see that tut!

    1. thanks a lot Mily...i hope I have made the runway trends sound a bit easier to achieve.

  3. Really nice and helpful post. You've listed out the key summer look essentials and made it so easy for people actually wear the trends. And I love the makeup you've done with the shimmery teal and purple liners :)

  4. Thanks for these great tips. Well, metallic gold/ bronze eyes and colored liners were in trend on Runways, of course these looks were created by ace Pat McGrath.


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