Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review : Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color in Almond Blossom

If you have read my review on the Peony Blend, you'd have gauged on what a big fan I am!!  These products are just so perfect.

I had got all the three Fresh Blooms with a big plan in my head. To use them on different skin tones and make each and everyone whom I meet, start glowing. Like magic! And this is what happened. The new formulation is very alluring and so finely milled that it gives a creamy glow on the face rather than a powdery frosty face. It just imparts the perfect glow and would never look overdone even after layering the highlighters.

So lets have a look at my second favorite - Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color in Almond Blossom........


Clinique does have a fresh take on packaging. It's fun and bright and cheerful. The outside box has flowers and leaves and blooms and oozes freshness and energy. The case is plastic with a shiny lid. It appears metal but it isn't. The casing is incredibly light, moderately durable and consists of a good quality mirror. The container holds the blush which is a pan stuck in. They do not provide with a brush.


Clinique Fresh bloom All over color blends are finely milled sheer pearly powders with an aim of creating a fabulous luminizing glow and yet look subtle and not overtly shimmery. This is an ode to modern makeup where its all about a dewy complexion and a radiant glow and not someone who is attacked by frost. The texture of the product is almost like a dried out cream and is easily picked up by fingers or brush. In case of such highlighters, always less is more (and not bore).The powder is finely milled, sheer in texture, has pearlised pigments that impart radiance and the particle size is very very small and this helps getting a better control on the product. The satin smooth texture glide easily on the skin and stays put for quite a long time without looking oily. Like all other Clinique products, the formula is 100% fragrance free and Allergy Tested.


Almond blossom is a warm light golden beige-y bronze with gold and taupe pearlised pigment and a very very subtle hint of peach which makes the complexion glowing. This is a perfect blush for lighter skin tones and a perfect all over glowing highlighting powder for darker skin tones.


  • With a fluffy large paddled powder brush, Fresh Bloom Peony blend can be dusted with feather light strokes as a 'finishing powder'.
  • With a fan brush, use it to highlight cheek bones.
  • Use a large eyeshadow brush to highlight brow bones and a smaller one to highlight inner corners of the eyes.

I purchased mine from the Clinique Palladium Store. The price is 2000 INR for 9gms. and availability is rare. These are some of the fastest selling products in Clinique's color franchise and one must keep a track to know the availability as they get out of stock very fast.

Hope you liked the review. Do let me know in the comments. Do not forget to enter my Guerlain Giveaway on my alternate makeup tutorial blog. To participate in the Giveaway, please click HERE.

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  1. Fabulous shade, i love such shades, any dupe?great review and pics!

    1. Thanks a lot Tapaswini. I cant think of a dupe to this as I really didnt find any. I was quite frustrated when they stopped production but never got any dupe so had to come back and be happier with the 'blend' formulation. This is worth the money though.

  2. love it .....such a gorgeous highlighter..i am fair..which is the best highlighter according to you for fair skin tones?

    1. Its a gorgeous highlighter. The most amazing highlighters for fairer skins are Clinique Peony, Lancome Blush Subtil in Beige Shimmer, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose and Beige and my favorite Guerlain LE highlighters and meteorite pearls. Try grabbing the Guerlain Meteorites in Absolute White and u will bless me.

  3. thats a great highlighter for darker skin tones! love the design :)

    1. Its an amazing highlighter and also an all over powder if you want to dust it with a fluffy powder brush. Thanks for liking it!!!


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