Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Makeup Wish List - March 2014

Sincere apologies for the MIA. Its been a roller coaster time again and everyday passes by being either busy with bridals, makeup shopping which I haven't stopped yet and the days of excessive slumbering due to being tired and trying to resist the ever changing unstable environment.

I have a wish list for March 2014. Its not like its incomplete, but there are certain products that I want to own in my kit subsequently. Btw a big hug to staff at the Chanel Palladium Store. I got two Le Stylo pencils from them which were as hard as pumice stone and had to return them and they took it back. Who does such an amazing service these days. Chanel knows to keep their regular clients happy (not to forget the amazing Chanel pouch I got on Valentine's Day).

So here's the wish list..............


The Angled Powder Brush #2 is calling my name actually. Can hear them in the deep labyrinth of my ears.. This is one of the softest brushes I have seen and the angle is cut beautifully in a curve so that brush helps creating contours. This brush goes in the blog brush kit and some celebrity might benefit from the softness of this brush.

The blush brush #7 also tops the list. Its a MAC 116 look a like but way better than quality than imagined. Its perfect to pick up those heavenly Joues Contraste blushes and yes it seems to do a good job over all. Its had a heavy luxurious feel to it which appeals me the most. I am transferring a lot of my Real Techniques into the bridal kit and will make space for some more luxurious brushes.

Yikess....Their summer 2014 collection is on the way too. Nothing much in my lust list except the eyeshadow quad for now.


Another mascara in the market and a prominent one made specially for Asian weather. This feathering mascara is an ingenious innovation and is one of the best 'tube' mascaras known to mankind because it 'stretches' the lashes. Its on my lust list and I have always loved and raved about Clinique mascaras.

I may pick this one up during my next visit to Palladium after trying and testing. I needed a good waterproof mascara and this sounds promising after the exorbitant prices one needs to pay for drug store brand mascaras these days especially for Bourjois.


Lancome is soon launching their Spring 2014 collection and it looks ridiculously promising. I am going with the blush for now and maybe the cream eyeshadow (although I have Chanel's Impulsion). Topaz Doree looks amazing lets see. The blush highlighter is ever so promising and I am sure it will be worth the money spent.

Not so big wish list this time. I almost got everything I wanted. Lets see whether these wishes come true too. And please pray to GOD to grant me some time to take pictures and start reviewing. LOL.

What is your wish list for March 2014? Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. Nothing for me.. Im sooo done wth makeup...

    1. Lol. Don't we say that all the time. Blame the brands for alluring us. Today is the Chanel brush for sure.

  2. Hi Neeraj... How have you been? Been a long time...
    Well, that Chanel blush is calling my name too... :-P

    1. I got a nice chanel creme blush in Destiny. It's just so amazing. I'm wonderful. Been a bit busy and ill alternately.

  3. Want To try Clinique for sure!
    Cool list:)

    1. Don't try Clinique. I'm thinking of returning this mascara and getting the classic mascaras like the Curling one instead.

  4. I want to get my hands on clinique cheek pop blushes and atleast one chanel cream blush!

    1. its coming in April....U must get the Clinique blushes. Chanel creme blushes are very very amazing. They touch your skin to become a powder form and stay all day long. A very good purchase.


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