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My Favorite Eyeshadow Primers

I really apologize for missing in action for quite a long time. Its these scorching summers and terrible sweats that made me a bit lazy and tardy and on one of those hot summery evenings (like today) I am attempting to complete at least one article.

Today I shall be talking about my favorite eyeshadow primers. These are my saviors and help me get through a lot of my blog tuts and of course my makeup jobs on clients. I simply adore the fact that these eyeshadow primers make my job so much easier and the impact that the eyeshadows get is really high plus the staying power and longevity is what makes my clients happy and (they call me again) pretty even in the most compromising climatic conditions.

Lets have a looksie....


This would be one of the first eyeshadow primers that really gave me the effects that I wanted. It was hard enough to procure and after I got one, there was no looking back. The eyeshadows stay put longer, look better and much more fresher, they stick on well on the lids, the liners glide beautifully at the lash line and its so easy to smudge everything in perfection. A small dot is what is needed to get a full coverage on the entire lid. The formula is a transparent beige and dries quickly on the eye lid. Sometimes (especially after the product has gotten a bit old) there are gritty particles in the primer that need to be broken on the eyelid and then its all fine.


I got my UDPP for the first time in the Naked Palette and it changed the way eyeshadows looked on the eyes. Its much more heavier and stickier than the TFSI and the lids feel a bit waxy and dry. But thats ok as I tend to layer a creamy eyeshadow over a UDPP to secure the eyeshadows in a much better manner. Layering a cream eyeshadow over the UDPP also makes the impact of the eyeshadows better and the powder formula adhere better on the eye lids. There is no much difference in between the staying power of shadows compared to TFSI and I am quite happy with the overall results. UDPP is a transparent wax like eyeshadow primer that blends and spreads easily on the eye lids and helps the eyeshadows adhere for a much longer time than what they would normally do on a naked eye lid.


I got SIN very recently and this is one of the eyeshadow primers I was always looking for. Its a better version of the ORIGINAL UDPP as it has a silvery champagne shimmer in it and that's what adds the glam factor to the eye makeup. The eyeshadow primer being shimmery can be worn alone or eyeshadows can be layered over it for an ultimate eyeshadow experience (ad language). The champagne pearl is very alluring, the primer is highly concentrated in pigment but somehow it spreads way much better than the ORIGINAL without drying up and giving that tugged feel to the lids.


I got LORAC Behind the Scenes eyeshadow primer in a gift set and it added another beautiful primer in my stash. Although the formula feels similar to UDPP and TFSI, it is very moisturizing on the lids and has nourishing botanicals that help treat the skin as well as give the effect of the primer. The only thing that bothers me is that this primer feels quite wet on the lids and tends to crease when worn alone. But with eyeshadows on, there wasn't any creasing or fading for almost 6-7 hrs (I tried this one day at home).


Guerlain's primer is what I was actually looking for. Its a beige white cream eyeshadow like primer that corrects the lids (for broken veins and discoloration) and helps the eyeshadows stick and adhere better and longer. The formula does tend to feel dry while applying and needs a bit of warming up in between fingers before applying. The creamy consistency may crease on the lids but again after the application of powder eyeshadows, its all fine. The eyeshadows last really long and look true to their color. In fact the colors seem to look brighter and deeper due to the creamy consistency of this primer. I sometimes layer it over my regular UDPP or TFSI for a higher and longer impact. Being poured into a compact, there are more chances of contamination of the product and this is what I did not like about it. It does come with a sweet little applicator which is quite nice and easy for application ( I lost that though).


I had bought this one a long time back from The yellow color in the primer did help neutralize the purple on the lids and create a good base. But unfortunately the eyeshadows did not stay put the way I wanted and thence I had to abandon it. This primer was untouched for quite a long time in my kit and unfortunately got fungus. It just deserved a mention because of its lid correction properties and the brand 'Benefit' behind it.


I had this primer for the shortest time. This is because it contained very less product and it got over very fast. I used this primer mostly on clients and loved the peachy beige color the formula had. Its corrects the blueness of the eye lids, made the eyeshadows stay put better and was quite good in performance. The only con other than less product is that the primer dries on the lids and tends to look a bit dry and powdery.


This is the whitest and the most transparent primer I have ever had. I dislike it for the fact that its a tube and a wand (which is a lot of product wastage) and you really need to scoop out of the formula to get an adequate amount from the tube. Albeit this, I love the doe foot applicator.This primer spreads very well on the eyes, does have a bit longer drying time so that it stays creamy for the eyeshadows to adhere better and it really helps the eyeshadows stay very very long. I just wish this formula came in a tube.


This pot of creamy eyeshadow really changed the way eyeshadows looked on the lids. It dries completely on the lids and does not budge, making it an amazing eyeshadow primer for the blog tuts and also on clients. The quantity of the product is ginormous and does not finish at all. Due to a lot of color options, there is a color that is for everyone plus they come in several finishes from matte to frosted to shimmery. The PRO LONGWEAR versions are much more creamier but have a better drying time on the lid and look less chalkier than the previous versions. The colors in the latter are much more flattering for the eye lids and I liked the newer formula for it being lighter and much more long wearing than the previous one. This cream eyeshadow can be worn alone or under eyeshadows as an eyeshadow primer for a fabulous wear.


Who knew that this was an excellent primer for eyeshadow too? I got it for thinning gel liners and then out of curiosity tried on the lids and it did a fantastic job although not as good as the conventional eyeshadow primers. But nevertheless this is a great option if you do not have any other options.

The newest primers on the block and in my kit is the DIOR BACKSTAGE EYE PRIME and CLINIQUE ALL ABOUT SHADOW PRIMER which are under testing and I shall review them soon.


Here are some primers that I am really dying to try and shall be purchasing them some or the other day.

  1. Benefit Stay Dont Stray eyeshadow primer
  2. UDPP - Anti Ageing
  3. Smashbox Cosmetics 24 HR Photo Finish Eyeshadow primer
  4. UDPP - Greed 
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel
  6. Too Faced Shadow Insurance - Candlelight and Champagne
  7. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer
  8. Cargo HD Picture Perfect Eyeshadow Primer
  9. Bare Minerals Prime Time Brightening Eyeshadow Primer
So what are your favorite eyeshadow primers? Do let me know in the comments......

Till then,


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  1. Thats a lovely list Neeraj. Would love to try too faced eyeshadow primer sometime soon. :)

    1. Thanks a lot. U shud try TFSI. They r available on Beautybay. I'm going to try their Champagne.

  2. Lovely List! I Have inglot n Mac on my list :D

    1. U have to get the mac pro longwear paint pot in groundwork. It works best for our skins....

  3. Informative post :) I am just starting on primers and got the Kryolan one recently. :) I will try to get the too faced one.

    1. Lovely...I want to try the one from Kryolan!! what's the exact name??

    2. The name is "Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer" :D Rs. 750/- for 15ml tube. :)

  4. thanks for sharing this awesome picks

  5. Neeerajjjjjjjjjj i was in Mumbai this weekend..went to the clinique and MAC store in palladium....was hoping to spot you :D

    1. Omggg I missed meeting u. Lol. Lemme know next...

  6. Heyy... Was missing your posts. Since we are on the subject of eyes and I missed asking you this question when you posted about UD Naked 3, here goes - if you had to choose amongst the 3 UD palettes, which one would it be? I can't really justify getting more than one of these so was looking for some help. Use a C2 in MAC F&B if the reference helps in making a choice.

    1. U know. That's the reason I got all the three palettes. I feel naked 3 is the nicest becoz the shades are very wearable and rosy toned. Plus they are pretty and look good too.

    2. Thanx:) appreciate the help.

  7. I tried a friends Inglot primer in No.1. It completely took care of the dark lids beautifully. Will use up my TFSI n UDPP n then buy that. The best part is easily available:)

    1. Oh that's nice. I'm going to check that soon.


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