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Tackling the Summer Situation!!

How to Keep Your Skin and Hair Looking and Feeling Great!!!

Summer is brilliant for lots of things, but having sweaty skin and greasy hair is not so great!
Maintaining a beauty regime throughout those hotter days is essential to keeping your skin clear and your hair looking healthy.
There are some absolute ‘must-dos’ during Summer if you really want to look and feel amazing. 


You may not be familiar with them all, but there are hundreds of tips that will make you feel fresher during the summer months. It is important to take these on board if you want to look like a total babe during the holidays!

Skin Care
Taking care of your skin can be challenging, especially when hormones are flying around, ruining your gorgeous looking skin, it usually happens at times when you could do without it - what a pain!
Here are the best ways in which you can look after your skin this summer:

      ALWAYS Drink Water -Water hydrates the skin and gives it a youthful and clear texture. Our skin is constructed with cells that are all made up of water. Therefore without topping up your body with more water, the skin cells will eventually stop functioning as well as they could be, causing a breakout. Although drinking water is essential, directly applying water to your skin is also essential. Direct contact will allow the water to get into your pores and clear out any dirt or bad germs.                                                                      One of the other problems many women struggle with is cellulite and stretch marks, the intake of water will fill out those skin cells and help to push out the cellulite and other marks.

      Skin Type - Everyone’s skin is different, you can either have dry, oily or combination skin. It is vital that you know your skin type before you go out and buy products as most products will highlight the type of skin they are made for, so you should always go for the correctly matched ones. The thing you should not do is use a product designed for dry skin if you have oily skin, as this can encourage your skin to produce more oil - you don’t want that!


      Exfoliate - Our skin cells can be easily damaged through the buildup of dirt, make-up and other environmental factors. Therefore you should exfoliate the skin as regularly as possible, this will essentially mean that you are getting rid of the dead skin cells before they can gain more bacteria.  The methods of exfoliation and how regularly you should do it depends on the skin type. Following this however, you should not exfoliate every day, this can cause the skin to become irritated, red and patchy. You can purchase a wide range of products to use during exfoliation, you should use a product that is natural and is going to get deep into your pores in order to remove bacteria. Exfoliation scrubs require you to use specifically designed gloves to physically scrub it into your skin cells. There is also the choice of skin peels which are ideal for those with oily skin, as these can remove any excess oil from the T-zone.

      Freshening Up - Daily routines are important to your skin because your skin will begin getting used to the way you treat it. If you discover dark circles around your eyes in the morning, you need to decrease the darkness - without cheating by applying concealer! If you need to reduce black bags, apply hot green tea bags to the eyes, the natural elements in the tea will freshen up your eyes.                                                                  The next stage to freshening up is using a green tea based toner and cotton pads to get dirt from your pores. You should apply pressure around the face in a circular motion and you will see any removed bacteria on your cotton pad. You should do this every morning before applying makeup, otherwise you are building bacteria straight into your skin cells.                                 

Try to remember to eat fruit throughout the day and eventually this will pay off and your skin will remain youthful and gorgeous!


The summer weather makes our hair sometimes appear too dry or too greasy, women can have many problems with their hair - especially in the summer. It may seem impossible to get that typical shiny hair effect like all the models on TV adverts, however, our tips prove that it is achievable.

      Hair dye - The biggest issue so many of us share is the thinning of our hair or the way it looks ‘dead’ after dying our hair so much. The most obvious way to avoid this is simple - stop dying it, but I understand that this can’t always be an option. It is always advisable to avoid peroxide at all costs, this is the number one chemical of killing a person’s hair! Many hair dyes now contain natural colourants that will moisturise the hair without chemically damaging it.

      Washing your hair - The biggest mistake you can make is getting into the habit of washing your hair every day. Doing this will wash away all of the natural oils produced by scalp, causing your head to produce an excess amount each day. With an excess amount of oil, your hair will look greasy more regularly, making it shiny but for all the wrong reasons!                              Aim to thoroughly wash your hair every two days in a warm to cool temperature of water to avoid heat damage. Use a good shampoo and conditioner that will benefit your scalp and hair type then rub it until it covers your entire head. After rubbing the products into your scalp, make sure to wash ALL of it out, it can be easy to rush it and leave product in the hair giving it a greasy appearance. One way to avoid the greasy feel, is to wash with a blast of cold water directly onto your roots, this will make your hair look glossy and flawless.

      Heat protection - Heat can damage your hair and make it dry and lifeless. To avoid this, use hair protectant spray before you blow dry it and wear a hat or a bandanna in hot weather. This simple step is sure to decrease the chances of permanent hair damage.

These tips promise to make you feel and look good this summer. Make sure you follow them all to get soft skin and silky smooth hair!

What do you think of this blog? Can you think of any other tips for the summer? Let us know in the comments

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