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The Makeup that lasted long!!!

(This is one of my favorite looks for Summer from the house of Dior for Summer 2014. It may not wearable but its adorable and I can imagine how sizzling it would look. Its just a pictorial representation and has got nothing to do with the article. I shall be doing the look break up in the Rapid Fire Makeup Article series that will start again.)

Summers have arrived and the heat is scorching and killing me already. Its 'hot' beyond hot this time and its just the beginning of April. There are 2 entire months of heated torture and I am waiting for rains very desperately. LOL. To think about makeup in such heated conditions is to only expect a huge melt down on the face and to erase the sweat tracks on the cheeks with a tissue.

This is not what I expect from my makeup...So this year I thought of making the makeup almost invincible. A makeup that would last and live upto 4 hrs in the scary climatic conditions outside. A makeup that is almost sweat (water) resistant and can be pulled by most of the ladies out there. This is a makeup look I tried on my mother (who doesn't wear any makeup) on a Sunday afternoon (when she wanted to go for a wedding) and she was flabbergasted to see that little makeup lasting through the entire day. Since the wedding was indoors on a scorching Sunday afternoon, I am proud to announce that her makeup really lasted well and she did dab the excess sweat with tissue as per my instructions and it was a miracle. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture but I can share what I did.

Let's see the waterproofing in a step by step manner............


Its important to moisturize your skin at any point of time, no matter what the weather is. Just moisturize with a very watery moisturizer during summers. A well hydrated skin accepts whatever has to come on and does not fail you on a good makeup. For my mother, I used a sample of the Chanel Le Lift Fine cream that I got from as a GWP after buying tremendous amounts of Chanel makeup.

Its almost watery and really amazing in consistency. It hydrates very well and I could notice visible plumping. I skipped the sunscreen altogether and trusted on the sunscreens in the primers and foundations that I have.


You must read my post on Primers if you haven't. On my mother I used the Shiseido Refining Makeup Primer SPF 15 and I must say how amazing it is. It not only makes the foundation last long but also keep the oil at bay (my mother has an oil factory on her face), refines the texture of pores by making them appear smaller without clogging, has an apricot tone to brighten up the complexion and of course a sunscreen of SPF 15. Since my mother is fair with a lovely peach undertone, this primer worked miraculously on her.


I opted for the long lasting and really beautiful Guerlain Parure Extreme foundation in shade no.03 (to match her a bit tanned neck). This foundation is very watery and extremely long lasting in difficult weather conditions. One layer is enough to give a medium coverage and blur imperfections where as some spot concealing helps get rid of a regular concealer. Its light weight, the skin breathes better and the foundation does not wipe off until rubbed.


I totally skip the concealer since it accentuates the lines in my mother's under eye area. Instead I opted for this amazing waxy Becca Foundation Stick in Mallow. It has the perfect consistency to glide on to a foundation and stay put over there. I used a bit of the foundation stick in the under eye area, around the nose and to cover any imperfections and redness on the face. I applied with a small concealer brush from Shiseido and then quickly buffed it into the skin using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush.


For those who might know, I am a great fan of this Ultra Flesh cosmetics Ninja 18 Karat Gold Dual Finish Moisturizing Pressed Powder. The color is incandescente and its so beautifully perfect. I dusted this with a large Real Techniques powder brush on all the areas of the face to eliminate shine and unwanted excess oil. I also gave my mother some Oriflame Blotting Papers to keep the shine at bay.


Before applying the powder, I applied a minuscule amount of Chanel Blush Creme de Chanel in Chamade + Destiny on my mother's cheeks to create an earthy rosy glow. After applying pressed powder I dusted a healthy dose of Chanel Joues Contraste blush in Rose Petale and subtly highlighted the face with Guerlain Parure De Nuit Highlighter and blush. I used my lovely Guerlain Blush brush, Shiseido Blush brush and Real Techniques Multi tasker brushes for the same.


My mother has big eyes and a lot of creasing. Thence I always stick to soft shimmery shades that do not accentuate the lines. Over a MAC Paint pot in Groundwork, I applied eyeshadows from the Naked 2 palette. I used 'Tease' in the crease. 'Busted' on the outer corners of upper and lower lids. 'Suspect' on the entire lid. 'Foxy' as a highlighter on the brow bone. 'Verve' as a highlighter in the inner corners. I lined the upper and lower lash lines with YSL Desin Du Regard Pencil in Brown and smudge it ever so slightly. Curled the lashes and applied one coat of the Sisley So Intense mascara in black. Combed and groomed her threaded brows and filled them with some Rimmel Brow pencil.


My mother never applied lipstick and it takes me a great effort to convince her to do so. I began with Elizabeth Arden Beautiful color Lip pencil in Rose and filled the lips with Guerlain Rouge G in Galia. Since my mother loves lip gloss I used Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color in Lip gloss in Latte over it.


To make the makeup last really long and not budge for at least a while, I sprayed a decent amount of Derma Color Fixing Spray from a farther distance to seal my art work. And voila!!!

My mother was happy for the first time as her makeup stayed fresh and nice throughout the event. She had to travel by train in the scorching sun (of course she uses an Umbrella with a silver coating) and even after a bit of sweating, everything was intact.

I hope you like this article and find it useful. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. but these products are so hard to get....

    1. These products are available online as well.. Thank you so much. Welcome to beauty traveller.

  2. I love the way u mix high end brands wth affordable ones and create ur signature magiccc

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I strive hard to achieve perfection.

  3. Ooh you got your mom to use makeup. How cool is that. :) I need to get my mom to read this. All she uses is a moisturiser, compact and a nude lipstick.

    1. In fact I did my mom's makeup. She's my first model you know. And I've done disasters in the beginning.


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