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A Makeup by A Makeup Artist

As consumers and pros we have used makeup since the longest time. It could be films and television, fashion, bridal to everyday usage, makeup has played a vital role in many lives. Makeup has given faces their identities. Be it the seductive eyes and red lips of Marilyn OR the thick brows of Liz Taylor OR the smokey intense eyes and fresh beige lips of Brigitte Bardot, we have always looked upon these icons. Makeup has done wonders to women and men and we have a lot of people to thank to.

In the 21st Century however, makeup has become much more professional. Every company strives to bring it some amazing trends, some amazing products and DIY makeup that could be as easy as a makeup artist doing for you. To emphasize of the 'MAKEUP ARTIST' part, I would love to talk about the brands that have been developed by makeup artist. Eponymous brands that have some iconic cult products that may have made a woman's job much easier and much better.

Developing an entire product line is not as easy as one can think of. It needs a lot of experience in the cosmetic industry, needs working on formulations and developing newer ones to cater the demands of the ever needing population. There are so many iconic makeup artist turned entrepreneurs and I shall pay a homage to most of them and their brands that I know. Saying so, let me talk about some amazing makeup brands that are eponymous to the makeup artists that made them.

What makes these makeup artist brands different?

One has to remember that Dior, YSL etc were fashion designers. So their brands are designer driven. Even though mavericks like Pat McGrath design for Dolce and Gabbana, the aesthetic of the designer is what matters more than the flare of the makeup artist (despite the creative freedom). Most of the brands in makeup that have made it big are 'fashion designer' brands run by 'fashion makeup artists'. Their creative sphere revolves around the fashion label although these brands do a phenomenal job in addressing to the needs of the clients. There are independent cosmetic companies like Shiseido and Lancome who have their takes on beauty but are driven by a certain philosophy. These companies also hired top notch makeup artists but restrict their creative capacity and thence so many 'duds' in the brand. Companies like Estee Lauder do interfere in the manufacturing process of certain brands and thats why these brands lack the vision of a true makeup artist and create really bad formulations at times. I staunchly believe that 'makeup artist' developed brands cater to the insatiable needs of makeup artists who strive to achieve particular makeup results. Such brands have hardly any bad products that you may not like and these are regulars in so many makeup artist's vanities. A makeup artist brand also caters to an everyday woman just in the same manner as it does to the pros. Who would know better than a makeup artist to what their clients exactly need??

Lets have a look at some of the iconic and upcoming brands developed purely by makeup artists.


Mr. Maximillian Factorwicz created a revolution with a brand (they named him Max Factor in USA) Max Factor which hails even today. His main aim was to address the needs of the the films those days and he is attributable for a lot of important innovations in foundations, lipsticks and false lashes. Under the wings of Procter and Gamble they have flourished and made some iconic products although the creative process has restrictions.


There is no one I know who doesn't know Bobbi Brown. She started with just 10 Flesh toned lipsticks and now has an ever growing empire under the umbrella of Estee Lauder who does the manufacturing and the marketing. With Bobbi still at the helm, the brand did not suffer the way Stila did when Jeanine Lobell sold her amazing brand to ELC. Bobbi Brown today is known for the most amazing lipsticks, next to skin luminous foundations, sophisticated eye makeups to enhance the eyes with the motto to make a woman embrace her own beauty. The formulations are effortless, easy to use and have become better with time.


Who can forget the immense contribution of this French brand in the field of beauty and makeup. With the makeup artist so talented, the brand has to prosper and flourish. Leaning towards creating the most incredible natural beauty, Laura Mercier has invented and innovated certain cult classics. They have it all and all is so amazing in quality. Not a fail at all!!! There may be too many products to choose from but one thing that is common in all of them is the highest of the 'quality'. This is one brand who takes their quality of the formulation really seriously and thus delivers some amazing products.


When Dany Sanz began this line, it was targeted towards makeup professionals who needed certain colors and formulations that could not be mass produced. This was a world where creativity was a small as a plant and hadn't expanded yet. The loose glitters and eyeshadows in brightest possible colors was the forte of the brand. MUFE not only made some phenomenal cosmetics but also started one of the first makeup learning academies that taught it all. Today MUFE also caters to an everyday woman who is looking for pro results and have a wide spectrum of products that could help her achieve her desired look.


Although heavily tampered now, MAC was once an exclusive brand to only professional makeup artists. Today people know 'makeup' because of MAC. Even NARS is in the bandwagon of mass production of cosmetics, thence losing the touch of a PRO but I think Shiseido is equally responsible for it.


When it came to camouflage makeup, a proprietary formula was developed by an ex-MAC product developer who named this line Cover fx. With their roots expanding into the main line, Cover Fx is one brand that helps achieve the most amazing complexion ever desired. I am so looking forward to this brand as it evolves in India and I shall review them in detail when I get my hands on.

I have kept some of my favorite brands in the last section of this discussion. These brands that I am highlighting happen to have the most amazing products with the best of the best formulations and are staples in the bag of a makeup artist.


Kevyn Aucoin was a magician than a makeup artist.You may not know him due to his untimely demise with a rare pituitary gland tumor but Kevyn Aucoin was the master of makeup artistry. His works have graced the top most celebs of his time and his memoirs can be seen through his amazing makeup books and his eponymous line of makeup which he developed before he left for his heavenly abode. The products that Kevyn made have transformed the approach of a makeup artist. It has given a pro an ease in applying makeup. Taken away the 'guess work' in makeup application. May it be his Airbrush foundation or Sensual Skin enhancer (thick concealer) OR be his Candle light Illuminator, each product is a work of art, right from the effortless packaging to the effortless formulation. I could not find one bad product in this brand.


The newest and the best-est addition in the world of makeup is a brand developed by one of the most iconic makeup artists of the 21st century. Now Ms. Tilbury not only adorns the supermodels and divas in the gloss pages but also an everyday woman who can reach upto her and get her amazing line of makeup and skin care. Charlotte's line is so amazing and user friendly that her products actually make you feel like Charlotte is applying the makeup for you. Right from her high quality brushes to her exquisite heavenly formulations, CT is a dream come true and is already seen in the bags of all the international makeup artists I follow (I shall be one of them soon).


The next brand is by a Kevyn Aucoin protege. Troy is this fabulous makeup artist who has developed his eponymous brand from the influences of Japan. Japan is the birthplace of high quality makeup (our blogger friend Ankita of Corallista does give us insiders) and Troy's makeup line is nothing more than genius. Though it emerges slowly its presence is felt all across the place. I hope to grab my hands on this amazing brand and I can speak more (volumes) about it then.

Now as I talk about some of my favorite makeup artists who have come out with their eponymous brands one cannot miss the contributions of great makeup artists like Scott Barnes, Sam Fine, Ayako, Jemma Kidd, Trish McEvoy, Sue Devitt etc and Youtube sensations like Michelle Phan and Samantha Chapman. They have revolutionized the concept of beauty and makeup and have a strong presence in the market.

This article is an ode to all those brilliant minds who have striven hard and harder in making someone look beautiful whether its for a special day or for everyday. These brands have done wonders and we hope to see more of such brands.

Do let me know in the comments, your favorite makeup brand developed by makeup artists? I may have miss one but would love to hear it from you.

Till then,


Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions. I know that this article is not complete. This is because the makeup industry is 'ever growing' and 'infinite'. You may never know who comes next.


  1. amazing work Neeraj..i used to check the blog every day to see if u have written something new :) i agree..mac has become a very very commercialized brand now and though i love the lipsticks it is becoming really really common ....and u know what..unlike evrybody else..i did not fnd anything nice in the bobbi brown lipsticks..i agree nice colours but nothing that other brands dont have!

    1. Thanks a ton for reading. They commercialized it too much. I must say that Bobbi Brown is one brand that copies and gets copied in trends and products. I hope Pat McGrath and Tom Pecheux start their own makeup lines someday.

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