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June 2014 Ravings and Cravings

I always write a wish list especially for skin care and makeup. This makes my targets a bit more focused and then I don't waver from my planning (most of the times). This June, I am very excited about some new launches and getting back to some of my old school brands after quite a long time.

Lets have a looksie.........


Couture is generally a made-to-order luxury product. If you see these quints you'll feel that effect. Such amazing textures, such beautiful colors and such usual whimsical combinations....YSL is all here to entice. Their price is also couture btw. Each palette sells for 4200 INR and all palettes are so amazing. What I loved is actually the texture of the product. It has the feel of a liquid cream as it glides on the skin and then it dries to a powder and adheres to the skin even without a primer. 2 large shades in each palette are actual eyeshadow primers (bases) and the other colors are for defining, contouring and highlighting. A beautiful concept that is not new but is fresh.

My wish list includes -

  • Fauves
  • Afrique
  • Parisienne
  • Love
I would love to buy all of them, but the focus is on these 4 shades.


I am not at all impressed by Chanel's Summer Collection this time. Its not as great as it should have been. The only thing that caught my eye was the Illusion D'Ombre in Utopia which is a beautiful silvery lavender with silver pearls. It is colorful yet muted and has a divine texture. The colored mascaras are good (since the formula is Chanel's famous Inimitable) but its just a one time fantasy and I can already see the mascara lying in the attic (of my makeup vanity).


Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick

Now this is one lipstick franchise that I am really envious of. I love lipsticks with a comfortable texture whether it is matte, creamy, satin or lustrous. The texture has to really be comfortable so that you do not fidget with your lips (literally). Pure Color Envy is one of those lipsticks. The formula is so amazing that it almost glides effortlessly on the lips without any dragging. The colors are intense and true to the bullet and they don't melt away unlike the much raved (due to PR samples) Loreal Moist Mat Lipsticks. Of course, these come with a couture price of 1900 INR but the colors are simply amazing, all thanks to Tom Pecheux. Now as Estee promises, these are very long lasting lipsticks and I could feel it from the swatch behind the back of my hand. Now generally I do not buy high end lipsticks (except Guerlain and MAC) but I desire these.

Shades to watch for -
  • Desirable
  • Intense Nude
  • Powerful
  • Defiant Coral
  • Envious
  • Insolent Plum
The others that are still in my little wish list are some skin care products from Sisley. This is one of the brands that made a lot of difference in my skin and I am craving to get my hands on some of the super expensive products (as soon as earn some extra buck). My targets are the Hydraflash Balm, Ecological Compound and All Day All Year......some cult classics that Sisley is known for. 

Now coming back to the products that I had abandoned for a while. And this brand is none other than MAC. I was tremendously bored of MAC since they failed to inspire me. But I am inspired and back in action. I have purchased to empty MAC palettes with eyeshadow inserts and this calls for some serious shopping. I shall be using these eyeshadows and blushes for my clients and I am quite enthralled about it all over again. This also counts for a separate post as the list is big and I have some top notch products that are on high priority. The smallest of the hustle is a debate over Makeup Geek eyeshadows that are not only MAC look-a-likes but also have a texture that is much better than MAC (including safer ingredients) and they do ship worldwide. This counts for another post on Makeup Geek products too. The best part is that they are almost half the price of MAC (5.99$ a refill) and the shipping is super affordable. So keeping a close watch on these.

Anyways, this is my small wish list for June. I have a feeling that the stores will be flooded with new products by August and thence the wish list would get bigger and stronger. LOL

So what is your wish list for the month? And were you able to buy the products you wished for?
Do let me know in the comments!!!!

Till then,


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  1. You're right with MAC; they can be rather uninspiring with their masses of launches, but I did recently purchase some items (a LE teal eyeshadow from the Moody Blooms collection & Rubenesque paint pot!) When they do something right, it's totally awesome, so I can't bear to write them off. YSL looks so amazing, especially the Parisienne palette since it seems to follow the colour story of their perfume of the same name. I'd love to try their lipsticks, since apparently YSL, Dior and Chanel make beautiful, feminine colours with exceptional packaging,

    1. So true. MAC's LEs are truly uninspiring and the quality of their matte eyeshadows is abysmal. I though love some classics and PRO products are fab. I'm dying to get my hands on Parisienne. Hope to review soon.

  2. I want the Pure Coloe Envy lipsticks too in Rebellious Rose and Infamous. The texture is truly fabulous, but then, I think all of Estee lipsticks have a great texture, the Pure Color, the Double Wear, all feel quite weightless on the lips. The YSL shadow palettes are WOW!!!
    I too received the PR sample of the L'Oreal Moist Mat but honestly, it's texture is lovely. I would say it is comparable to the Double Wear but slightly creamier. And the colour, at least on me, didn't fade away.

    1. The palettes are amazing na. I'm really hoping to buy some stuff from my wish list. Lol


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