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Review : Clinique All About Shadow Super Shimmer - Olive in my Martini

First of all, sincere apologies for being missing in action. After a long hiatus with major internet issues and occupational hazards, I am able to muster some time to write my beloved little blog and for my amazing reader friends.

Today I am going to review an unsung hero. These eyeshadows are superbly done by a company who knows their products and who strives to live up to the standards. So here I present a very unique color and its review - Clinique All About Shadow Super Shimmer in Olive in my Martini.

Lets have a look...........

CLINIQUE says...

What it is: 
A luscious, long-wearing powder eye shadow. 

What it does: 
This creamy shadow glides on in one smooth stroke for long-wearing color, and is formulated to be crease and fade resistant. It is available in soft matte, soft shimmer, or super shimmer finish. Matte finish shadows give fine lines and wrinkles a softer, smoother look. A hint of soft shimmer shadow dabbed into the center of lids adds a pop of brightness. Super shimmer shadows act as highlighting shades to bring out browbones and inner corners of eyes. Try light shades for a more dramatic effect on deeper skintones or dark shades for a more natural look. Dark shades look more dramatic on fairer skins; light ones look more natural. 

What else you need to know: 
All About Shadow Singles are ophthalmologist tested, and appropriate for contact lens wearers or those with sensitive eyes. The mirrored compact comes with a sponge-tip applicator.

Suggested Usage: 
-Apply with a sponge-tip applicator to sweep shadow across entire lid, from the lash line to the browbone. 
-Create interesting dimension by blending and layering multiple shades. 
-All About Shadow singles can be used as an accent shade in the crease, as a liner, or to highlight just under the brow bone. 
-For a more detailed application, choose specialists from Clinique's Makeup Brush Collection. 
-Remove with your favorite Clinique makeup remover


Clinique's floral packaging is colorful, playful and adds a touch of fun to the entire 'doctor' concept, the brand is known for. I love the mint green and lemon green splashes and washes and the lovely pink flower patterns. Its simply different and unconventional. The clamshell case comes with a good quality and handy built in clear mirror, the eyeshadow secured with a plastic case and a small average quality sponge tip applicator that can be handy dandy during traveling. (I dispose them). The mirror is not a great one when it comes to the size, but sometimes can prove quite functional.


What caught my eyes was not only the color but also the fact that there is significant improvement in the formula. This one feels like a dry cream instead of a powder eyeshadow that boasts to have Murumuru butter and Vit E for skin conditioning properties as well as it boasts a long lasting effect when applied on the lid. First of all, I cannot say that all claims could be proved because I have not tried it on clients. Yes! Slip wise, the eyeshadow performs really well. The shimmer content is amazing and its almost one minimal to look extremely frosty as other shadows may tend to be. The eyeshadow on application has a velvety texture and although they advice brushes, these can be equally and yet efficiently applied with fingers too. I believe that the heat in the fingers tend to melt the product better.

The eyeshadow is pigment rich, very very buildable and efficacious and is very good for the history of makeup Clinique has had.


Olive in my martini is aptly named medium bronze with a tinge of green and some added coolness. This makes it an amazing smokey eyeshadow for fairer skin tones and yet has a versatile element for all those medium and deeper skin tones on which it could go from a transition shade to almost a highlight in the inner corners. 

I like to mix it with darker colors and create that picture perfect ombre diffused smokey eye.


Clinique All About Shadow in Olive in my Martini sells for 1750 (new pricing, I believe). I purchased mine from the Clinique Stand Alone store in Ghatkopar R City Mall. It weights 2.2 gm for the eyeshadow amount.

Hope you liked the review. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 

Till then,


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  1. This looks like a beautiful color, but I will not use anything that uses Carmine...with all the natural things to use, why kill for beauty.

  2. too many natural ways to achieve same results..why kill for beauty? Carmine is an ingredient. It's actually all related to make-up. Carmine dye is a bright red dye made from crushing female cochineal beetles


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