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Product Watch - Sephora USA

I am sure there are millions ogling at the amazing Sephora launches. We may not be in the US, but we all strive hard in our own ways to get someone (absolutely disinterested) to get us products from there. Its not only that its a cheaper option to get them imported through a friend, but also they have the most current launches that keep us all at our par. When it comes to being consumer friendly and to keep the flow going, USA happens to be one of the best countries ever.

This time's Sephora launches that I am ogling are not limited to makeup and include skin care and some other things too. So lets get started..............

The first thing that attracts me the most are the eyeshadow and mixed makeup palettes. They are so handy, you get such enormous choices to choose from and then don't pinch the pocket that hard.
Sephora Chroma Color Eye Palette $65 is a good way to fulfill your eye makeup dreams. There are many colors to choose from and each time you come out with an exquisite combination. Plus the pencils are a boon to starters and makeup artists on a budget alike. The shadows seem to perform average but I think its the skill of the MUA or the user to modify them according to their needs.

Guerlain - Kiss Kiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour

Guerlain relaunches their Kiss Kiss Lipstick and rechristened them as Shaping Cream Lipstick. I love this formula and have a lot of colors from their older collection. Can't wait to try the new ones. The formula seems to be creamier and of course the packaging has a got a dark and more evening twist to it. At 37$ the colors to watch would be Beige Booster, Red Passion, Rouge Kiss, Cherry Pink and Love Kiss.

Tarte's After Hours Statement Essential Kit seems to have the most beautiful products to splurge on. It has all the minis and teenies that makes makeup very easy and pretty looking. The pink pouch that it comes with is super gorgeous and a perfectly chic makeup accessory. I am eyeing the mosaic pattern Amazonian Clay Bronzer. It looks really amazing. They retail for 60$.

Makeup Forever's latest launch is their 30 yrs, 30 colors, 30 artist palette which is an essential kit of super 30 eyeshadows that can help one achieve an array of interesting and beautiful looks. Loved by pros and amateurs for their quality, I am getting intrigued looking at them and yet thinking of skipping with a 250$ price tag for now. Sometimes its better to wait and watch instead of waste and splurge and then cry on spilled milk. Its does have some pretty wearable colors and I would blatantly miss on the bright shades as I hardly get to use them on clients.

Yves Saint Laurent aka YSL has never failed to impress and they are doing the same with their 9 wearable shades of Blush Volupte Heart of Light Powder Blush. At a whopping 47$, this is duo blush that promises a natural flush on the cheeks while adding a touch of completion to the face makeup. I loved all the shades and would love to use some of the darker ones for Indian complexions.

Another stellar innovation from the house of YSL is the Fusion Ink Foundation which has the most rave reviews by our very own Wayne Goss. Whenever a new foundation is launched, it undergoes a scrutiny under many different eyes and then the verdict is final. This foundation seems to cater some major criteria required for MUAs which includes long lasting, weightless, semi-matte, medium coverage with less need of touch ups. This foundation supposedly passes all the tests and looks like a great product to watch for. It does a fair deal for the 60$ price.

Smashbox Masteclass Palette III - Color and Contour is every makeup artist's dream. The reviews on Sephora mentions a really good quality and this is definitely a part of my product watch. I have ordered it through my uncle in US and 65$ happens to be steal deal. Just that my past experiences with Smashbox haven't been so great and thence I am contemplating on whether to go for it or not. Hopefully it does not coup de grace.

There are 3 new additions in the beautiful Guerlain Ecrin 4 Color eyeshadow palettes and Les Sables at 63$ happens to be a desirable pick. The colors are muted browns and a happy looking rosy brown that would be effortless in creating a natural eye makeup. Unfortunately the colors are very dupeable but its a good deal when you compare the sum of individual colors with that of the palette.

There is a new foundation on the block and it seems to be a stellar creation of ex-Chanel and newly instated Makeup Director for the House of Dior, Mr. Peter Phillips. The reviews are great, pricing is moderate at 50$ and the only botheration is the flashback with SPF 30 although I am extremely happy with the old Fusion Wear foundation that I have. Dior does it what it preaches. Hope this foundation does launch in India soon. 

Eyeko's Sport Waterproof Mascara would be a boon to Mary Kom and all those fabulous and inspirational women in sports and outside. Eyeko does create icons when it comes to mascaras and this mascara looks promising too.

Josie Maran lovers may love the Love that Flush Lip and Creamy Oil set with four miniature tubes of her amazing Argan Infinity Cream oil. Its a great product for those who have a dry skin and yet want to blush. Its a useless product for makeup professionals though their original Infinity cream is a must have. The kit retails for 28$.

There's so much more to write and the article would go on forever. Thence we continue the list in another upcoming article. What are your Sephora desires? Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. where to start..:D I really wanna try some bite beauty lip products...and the newly launched Nars Audacious lipsticks! becca rose gold and opal are also in my wish list :)

    1. They're in my wish lists too.....u will love the next article. n how have u been????

    2. Hey I am good :) thank you for asking... :)


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