Monday, October 16, 2017

Urban Decay Cosmetics Nocturnal Shadow Box

Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box
Urban Decay cosmetics did launch another amazing product. I love when a brand marries functionality with glamour. Urban decay is known for making such easy palettes that have everything you need to look amazing in a jiffy. With the Nocturnal Shadow Box you end up getting best of all worlds. Indeed a complete palette.

Btw I’ve chosen the iPhone 8 plus as my platform to write my blog with the Blogger app so it may not be the best interface to write information. But it’s ok I guess. It saves me from doing too much of work on the laptop and I can write at my own leisure.


The sturdy cardboard packaging is great as it is travel friendly and doesn’t bend or break until a certain force is used. 
I like how they’ve these rectangular eyeshadows, sometimes randomly but most of the times arranged so that it either represents a horizontal or vertical ombré of colors going from lighter highlights to darker shades. This is what makes the palette very user friendly.


They’ve an array of formulas from soft mattes to sultry shimmers. I did notice a couple of satin shades and yes! One shade with a ton of hidden glitter - Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. 

These shades are buttery and have a great slip even without a primer. They are long lasting, blendable, buildable and have a soft focus effect depending on application. The darkest mattes can be a bit chalky and difficult to blend but it also depends on what primer is used underneath. I can’t choose one favourite shade but if asked it would be this versatile brown called DELETE. 


The Urban decay website gave the following description. 

Shades included:

• ABC GUM pale peach matte
• MIDNIGHT COWBOY RIDES AGAIN pale beige shimmer w/ silver glitter
• BABY cool metallic rose
• HALF BAKED golden bronze shimmer
• RIFF brown-nude matte w/ floating micro-sparkle
• DELETE deep chestnut brown matte-satin
• FIREBALL peach satin w/ pink shift
• BACKFIRE burgundy satin w/ purple shift
• LOUNGE brick red satin w/ green shift
• ARMOR metallic silver-taupe w/ tonal sparkle
• HEROINE deep navy blue w/ subtle floating tonal pearl
• BLACKOUT blackest black matte

They’ve also included a dual sided brush with a blending side and smokey side that could also work as a liner brush. 

I have some really favourite shades and I did manage to make a couple of tutorials on my Facebook page which I’ll try to link below. 

I have done a couple of live videos to give an idea about this palette and may inspire you to do a look. 

I purchased mine from a store called Beautiful in Mumbai that sell genuine brand products at a fairer cost. 




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